About Us

Here at Allure Traveller our why is clear Travel - Celebration - Preserving Nature

We love travel, experiencing new places, new food and cultures.  Tanya has spoken on this topic of encouraging everyone to travel especially with young kids. Our products become apart of the everyday travel.

Celebration - we are always celebrating both big and small wins in life.  After losing her husband in 2018, Tanya does not take for granted this gift of life.  We need to be celebrating each and every day, we celebrate our customer's purchases, the reviews, travel stories, and the community.

Preserving Nature - We are strong on the war on plastic with our sustainable products.  Allure Traveller has also teamed up with 1% for the Planet which educates, protects and preserves environmental projects for us and our future generations.  We dedicate both time and money to this charity to make sure we, in the future, have both new travel places to explore and celebration.